Cheating at "Chess with Friends"

If you just want the iPhone app for cheating at "Chess with Friends" check out this page: iPhone app for cheating at chess to understand how to use it, etc.

For information on cheating in chess in general please see the homepage. For info on how to be good at chess, please see that portion of this site or the 5 strategies in chess page.

This is essentially my About Page because cheating at Chess with Friends on my iPhone is what inspired this website.

If you'd like to hear more about me and this site then read on.

I started playing chess when I was 7. That's when I got a chess set for my birthday. Considering I was only 7 years old and didn't know how to play it's understandable that I wasn't thrilled about this gift. But my mom thought it'd be a good thing for me to do with my dad and that's how my infatuation with chess began.

In high school I occasionally had somewhat regular games with a friend. It wasn't until after college that I found another similar situation.

I was always up for playing but seldom had anyone to play with. For whatever reason playing against a computer wasn't fun at all, but sitting down and playing with friends was one of my favorite things to do. It might have something to do with the fact that I can usually beat my friends, but I can't be a computer on a hard difficulty level.

When I discovered the Chess with Friends app on my iPhone I was immediately hooked. Some people have even half-seriously described my relationship with Chess with Friends as an addiction.

There have definitely been times when I've been out with friends to dinner or at a bar and I find myself constantly checking my phone every time someone I'm playing against makes a move. I usually have around ten games going on at once, I've posted on Facebook soliciting games, and I could go on, and on about my border-line unhealthy involvement with the app.

Although I'm aiming for this website to be the foremost authority on how to cheat at chess I'm actually looking at this as a mental exercise as opposed to a way to dupe my friends when playing "Chess with Friends" with them.

I think it's actually beneficial to scrutinize how a sophisticated chess program plays an optimal game.

A similar way to improve your game is to challenge yourself against a difficult chess playing computer program. The chess game that comes with Macs is great because it's easy to back up a move by hitting command+z so that you can see how the program reacts to various moves. You can go down one path and after seeing how the computer stumps you, just hit command+z a few times to backup and analyze where things got away from you and how it happened.

I'm starting to go off on a tangent so I'll simply close by saying I hope you enjoy this site and please link to it from your own website, blog, Facebook page, etc.
"If you're not cheating, you're not trying." - Quote from: Lots of people who cheat