Problems with Basic Chess Cheating

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There are three problems with this basic chess cheating strategy:
  1. This only works if the cheater plays the black pieces against the human opponent and therefore gets to go second. This immediately rules out this strategy half of the time.
  2. The cheater must exactly duplicate the Human Opponent's moves against the Computer Opponent for the entire game. One small slip-up and the entire strategy is derailed.
  3. The cheater can't pick up expert tips whenever he wants, like in the middle of the game or towards the end.
Point #3 is particularly noteworthy because most players like to play their own game until they get in a bind or aren't sure how to closeout a checkmate.

Because of the problems outlined above the most ideal way to cheat is to be able to get Computer assistance about specific moves anytime you want during a game.

In order to be able to do this what we need is:

A computer chess program that allows you to manually setup chess pieces anywhere you want on the board (to replicate the human vs. human game you're actually playing) and the ability to start playing against the computer from that point forward.

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"If you're not cheating, you're not trying." - Quote from: Lots of people who cheat