Solutions to Chess Cheating Problems

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Because of the problems with basic chess cheating the most ideal way to cheat is to be able to get Computer assistance about specific moves anytime you want during a game.

In order to be able to do this what we need is:

A computer chess program that allows you to manually setup chess pieces anywhere you want on the board (to replicate the human vs. human game you're actually playing) and the ability to start playing against the computer from that point forward.

Let's try an explanation with an example:

Say that you're Player B (white below) and midway into the game you find yourself in the situation pictured immediately below and you're not sure how to respond. You want to cheat ... or to put it nicely get some advice.

To summarize - Player B (white) is in trouble. He feels like his back is against the ropes and he needs to fight his way out of this pressure Player A (black) is putting on him.

Remember that since Player B is white in this game he couldn't have used the basic cheating strategy (explained here) because that requires the cheater to be playing the black pieces in the human vs. human game.

In order for Player B to get some computer assistance he's going to need to replicate this game from this point on against a Computer Opponent.

Player B will switch over and play the Black pieces against the Computer Opponent. Whichever way the Computer Opponent responds with white pieces is how Player B will play the remainder (or at least a portion) of the first game against Player A (the original human opponent).

Player B needs to create the mirrored scenario below to play in conjunction with the game against human opponent Player A.

At this point, before Player B moves again against Player A, Player B will first wait to see how the Computer Opponent responds and then Player B will copy that move to the game on the left.

In this example let's say the Computer Opponent (white) in the game on the right decides to move the king's knight out to put the black queen in guard.

See illustration immediately below.

Player B witnesses the Computer Opponent's move in the game on the right and makes the exact same move in the game on the left against human opponent Player A. See image below.

This pattern will continue as long as Player B wants.

Player B has effectively utilized the basic cheating strategy (described here), but in a way that allows Player B to begin receiving computer assistance regarding specific moves at any point during the game. In the basic form of this type of cheating Player B would have to have been playing the black pieces and have kept a game with a Computer Opponent going the entire time to receive this sort of direction.

Remember, Player A does not know that midway through his online (Chess with Friends, etc.) game with Player B that Player B began a mirror image game against a tough Computer Opponent.

Player A was feeling pretty good about himself and thought he was good position, but he had no idea that the switch just happened from playing Player B to playing an impossibly difficult Computer Opponent.

Not surprisingly this technology exists, but at the time of this writing it's not as abundant as you might think.

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"If you're not cheating, you're not trying." - Quote from: Lots of people who cheat