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There is one iPhone App for cheating at chess that I recommend and one website worth checking out. I don't have any affiliation with the app or the website. If you have other suggestions please contact me and let me know. I'll include additional resources on this site as I learn about them.

The website:

This website isn't the most user friendly and the processing speed is lacking at times. Never the less, you can perform the functions I illustrated on this site. In fact I used this website for the screen grabs, so there are other useful features besides simply cheating by running a mirrored Computer Opponent game.

The reason this website isn't fully functional is actually explained on the site:

"At the present moment, we are showing the first crude version for demo purposes."

Hopefully by the time you read what I'm currently writing the site will be fully functional.

Once it's up and running it should offer these features (also described on the current site):
  • Set up arbitrary chess positions.
  • Generate JPG chess board images (diagrams).
  • Play chess by making legal chess moves on the chessboard on the right.
  • Share these dynamic chessboards with others.
  • Embed such dynamic chessboards in your own pages about chess.
  • Play email chess with your friends by exchanging these dynamic chessboards.
  • Play chess online for free against a chess playing applet.
  • Set up any chess position and play computer from this position online for free.
  • Adjust the playing strength of the chess playing Java applet.
  • Set up chess puzzles with an analysis board and play them online against a chess playing computer applet.
  • Share chess puzzles over email by links to dynamic chessboards or to the chess playing computer applet with the puzzle as the starting position.
Being able to:

"set up any chess position and play computer from this position online for free."

is exactly what's needed to implement the cheating strategies described on this website.

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"If you're not cheating, you're not trying." - Quote from: Lots of people who cheat